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    LALO Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What does the name LALO stand for?

    LALO is an acronym for "Light Assault Lo-Vis Operator," a nimble, quick, tactical Special Forces Operator.

    Q: What was the BUD/s line designed for?

    All of the shoes in the BUD/s athletic line were designed as the result of detailed testing and feedback from Special Forces Operators, incorporating characteristics that they needed in a lightweight, multi-purpose shoe. Because of this, they excel in cross-training settings, as well as in running, weight training, and calisthenics.

    Q: What are the primary differences between the Bloodbird X and Grinder X?

    The Grinder was engineered for dynamic, bodyweight-based agility drills and movements. If features a softer, grippier feel for multi-directional movements such as jump rope, burpees, box jumps, jumping lunges, and more. It is a practical shoe for rowing, short distance runs and sprints. The Bloodbird shines in less dynamic movements such as weight training, where the focus is on grounding and stability. It is a solid choice for movements requiring attention to balance such as squats, deadlifts, push press, cleans and jerks.

    Q: Can I use my Grinder X, Bloodbird X, Zodiac Recon ATX or Rapid Assault for climbing ropes?

    One activity we don’t recommend using the athletic shoes and Rapid Assault boots for is rope climbs. Here is a brief synopsis of why and how we made that decision when creating the Grinder X, Bloodbird X, Zodiac Recon ATX and Rapid Assault.

    The design requirement brief we worked up with the Operators required we hit three main criteria, lightweight, breathable and packable. As a result of the testing and evaluation process the other requirement was a “silent or stealth” outsole. What they wanted to end up with is a shoe they could operate in the field with and when getting back to the base, work out in or wear casually. One of the big components they latched onto was the stability arch or the extra material under the arch area. The benefit is the shoe helps engage more of the sensory receptors in the foot, resulting in better balance.

    So, to make the shoes work on rope climbs we would have to add material that takes away from the majority of the features we tried to build in. In the development cycle, the activities we put them through included rope climbs, various obstacles and cross-fit specific workouts. During this process we had to make some decisions to hit the end result we were looking for. There were also a whole host of bio-mechanical and construction considerations we considered during this process and had to compromise in the area we felt had the most to give, which was rope climbs, as it’s not a common activity. We tell you this because we want to emphasize that our athletic shoes do many things well, but they don’t do everything—no shoe does—so we ask that you exercise common sense, as well as your body, when using your LALOs.

    Q: How do you describe the Zodiac Recon?

    The Zodiac Recon is an over-sized running shoe reinvented through lightweight component construction and responsive geometry. It provides the ultimate smooth, yet responsive ride for multi-surface terrain. The Zodiac Recon is nimble and quick across a variety of substrates. We like to call this shoe a "Hummer with Wings!"

    Q: What does the term "active drop" mean?

    It is a term to describe how much the EVA compresses when you are wearing the shoe, rather than the "passive" drop when the EVA in the shoes is not compressed.

    Q: Do your shoes fit true to size?

    All of our shoes generally fit true to size. If you have a generously wide or more voluptuous foot, consider ordering a 1/2 size larger, as this more often than not compensates for the extra width needed. Many runners also like their shoes a 1/2 size larger so it is not uncommon to order a 1/2 size larger in the Zodiac Recon, Zodiac Recon AT and Zodiac Recon ATX, depending on your preference. Please keep in mind that the lightweight and breathable materials used in the uppers of our shoes may feel tight to begin with but will stretch and conform to your foot the more you wear them. If you put your shoe on and it feels too short in length, then order a 1/2 size larger. We offer free returns and exchanges in order to help you get the right size from the get go.

    Q: How do I get the right size?

    Getting the right fit in shoes can be tricky. It may never be perfect, but we feel confident that you will be able to get the right fit. If you are unsure of your shoe size, please refer to this chart to help you decide what shoe size is best for you based on how we make our shoes. View the chart HERE

    Q: Do your shoes come in Women’s sizes?

    Yes they do! We offer Women’s sizes from 6-11.

    Q: How wide are your shoes? Do they come in different widths?

    LALO shoes and boots are a D width. We do not offer different widths at this time. The boot was designed to fit in a swim fin so we are limited to the width it could be manufactured at.

    Q: How do the soles of your shoes wear? They seem to be made of a soft material.

    The design of our shoes puts an emphasis in noise reduction, breathability and weight - key features our Special Forces Operators requested. Rubber is noisy and EVA is very quiet, so naturally we built our midsoles of EVA.

    We reduced the amount of rubber (heavy) and used an EVA / rubber blend of material for the balance of the outsole. The shoe will wear evenly and the main disruption in the EVA will happen right out of the gate. The outsole has a larger than average EVA platform to make it stable underfoot and allow it to be more supportive during a workout.